Friday, October 19, 2012

King Paxton

We took Paxton to the Sunburst beauty pageant. Don't judge us. Paxton is handsome and we know it. Really, it was just an excuse for us to put on a really cute outfit and show him off. 
So check him out!

 Waiting for his turn. He was a slobber box!
 All of us just waiting and having a good time.
He's getting excited, can't you tell?
Everywhere this little girl went Paxton would watch her. She was cute!

The show is about to go on!

 Paxton on stage struttin' his stuff.

 Best smile and best personality.
 They shall crown him king!

 Hey, look at all my new stuff guys!
Love our little family!
 My guys <3
Paxton's Auntie Taylor came home from college to see him!

His great grandparents!

 Four generations!
 "Hey Dad! That's mine!"

 Paxton's Granny!

 We're such proud parents!

It was an afternoon of fun. Paxton loved all the attention and we got some really cute pictures! We're so glad that some of our family got to join us!

Has it Really Been Three Months??

Life was absolutely crazy the last three months. I'm not sure why, or even how for that matter. I can tell you one thing that has been so true a reality for us in the last three months. God works in HIS timing. Not mine? How I wish God would work in MY timing.

We moved back to Ohio trusting that God would provide. We had three months saved up so Josh could find the job career he longed for-an engineering position. Josh had been trying to get into his field since we got married three years ago. As Josh started looking for his career in Ohio, it just wasn't unfolding the way we (or maybe me?) thought it would go. The plan was for me to stay at home with Paxton. With that three month deadline getting closer and closer I figured I should try for a job as well. So I decided to start teaching pre-k at a center. Then Josh was working at Wal*Mart again-blah. Really, I mean that.

So there we were. Neither one of us doing what we thought we were going to do. Josh was miserable in his job, and I was miserable in mine (which is a long story). It was tense in the house for some reason-we constantly were pushing was just weird. But we were doing what we had to do, at least that's what we thought.

About a month into this thing Josh started getting phone calls for an engineering position. Weird? That would put us at month four. He went to the interview and BAM! They offered him the job as an electronic engineer-month four. 

We decided that I could quit my job (there was no contract) and stay home with Pax. Josh would do his engineering thing and I would do my homemaking thing. It was amazing what happened and has been happening. We're both so much happier. I'm finding joy in cleaning the house-really? I've been finding my nitch so to speak.

I say all this because we had our timeline, but God had his. We said we can only do three months. God said I'm going to take you four. When we started to get uncomfortable, we did what we had thought we needed to do. It is so easy to "depend" on God when you're comfortable. But when the water starts getting deeper-we tend to take that control back. God knew all along the plan He had put out for us. We were just a little too thick headed. 

Can you relate? Or, are we just crazy? Because let's be honest sometimes I think we are :-)

You know I have to post an updated picture of Paxton! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Three Years Later

Josh and I's anniversary was on Wednesday-our third anniversary. It's hard to believe it has been three years. Before you reach "adult" life, time can never go fast enough. Now I just need it to stop slow down.

These three years have been packed full of adventure! We've moved three times. I finished college. We got "big people jobs". We went to Haiti. We've made friendships that will sustain a lifetime. We had a baby!  We have grown in love through difficult situations. We have learned tough lessons. We've learned to enjoy each other in the simple things. We've become coffee snobs. The list could go on.

The last transition in life has been a tough one. It's been a real one. It's tested us and pushed us to the limit.  Here we are three years later.

Life is fun! We're learning to depend on God and to depend on each other like never before. Our love has been "rekindled" in the last month. We're learning to juggle a baby and our relationship. We're learning to not only love deeper, but wider.

We're learning to follow God's plan for our lives....even when we're following blindly.

I learned something really tough this year. Sometimes God speaks to Josh before He speaks to me. Yikes. That's hard to swallow. We're a team and God uses both of us to communicate to. This is hard for my in-control-need-to-know-what's-going-on self.

This day took place three years ago. 

And of course the honeymoon in Hawaii!!!


Happy Anniversary, Josh!! I love you! 

How long have you been married? What are you learning in your marriage?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wait Expectantly

Yet again She Reads Truth is rocking my world! It's easy for me to pray for things, but it's hard for me to expect that God is going to respond. I know God answers prayers, don't miss that. However, it's difficult for me to wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:1-3 "O LORD, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I pray to no one but you. Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly."

Sometimes A lot of times I pray about things that I really am not sure of the outcome-- me going back to work is one. It was one of those "God, I think I would like to work. But, I don't want to leave Paxton with someone just anyone." It was one of those I have no idea what I want to be doing right now prayers. 

Then I get a phone call. OFFERING ME A JOB. Josh will be at home with Paxton on his days off and my Granny keeps Paxton when he works.

So it's weird how God works. Obviously. God has done some crazy things for Josh and I over the last year. Having a child was one of those moments where we waited expectantly. But if I'm honest, I don't wait expectantly on a regular basis. 

So what has God been revealing to me? He answers prayers! He shows up big time. He works through us. He's crazy about us and wants the best for us because he hears our hearts. 

What have you waited expectantly for and God has showed up?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Finding My Place

Life has changed. When I say changed, I mean changed.

Just over 5 months I ago, I gave birth to Paxton.

Almost 3 months ago, I left the best "job" in the world.

Just over 2 months 1/2 ago, we moved 600 miles back to Ohio, back to family. 

I left my friends who became family. I left my job. I left what felt like everything.

We've been church shopping for 2 months now. (We think we've found where God is leading us. But, it's different)

The plan was to stay at home with Paxton.

Then,  2 weeks ago I was offered a pre-k teaching job.

 Life has changed. I was uprooted. I was lost. My identity felt removed.

During this transition, my prayer life felt off, felt different, just plain weird.

9 days ago, I started reading with SheReadsTruth on prayer.

It's changed my prayer life. In turn, it has helped me find my place

Some key points, I have written down in my journal that God has lead me to have literally changed the way I have been praying and the state of my heart.

  • God honors the persistent prayer of a thankful heart.
  • God knows my needs before I ask.
  • God is with me and will deliver me. 
  • A heart at peace gives life.
  • I am God's creation and he does not reject his creation.
It's incredible to link up with other women who are reading the same passages of prayer. The encouragement from each other is amazing.  

While I have not determined my place, God has already determined it. I can rejoice in that!