Friday, July 20, 2012

Finding My Place

Life has changed. When I say changed, I mean changed.

Just over 5 months I ago, I gave birth to Paxton.

Almost 3 months ago, I left the best "job" in the world.

Just over 2 months 1/2 ago, we moved 600 miles back to Ohio, back to family. 

I left my friends who became family. I left my job. I left what felt like everything.

We've been church shopping for 2 months now. (We think we've found where God is leading us. But, it's different)

The plan was to stay at home with Paxton.

Then,  2 weeks ago I was offered a pre-k teaching job.

 Life has changed. I was uprooted. I was lost. My identity felt removed.

During this transition, my prayer life felt off, felt different, just plain weird.

9 days ago, I started reading with SheReadsTruth on prayer.

It's changed my prayer life. In turn, it has helped me find my place

Some key points, I have written down in my journal that God has lead me to have literally changed the way I have been praying and the state of my heart.

  • God honors the persistent prayer of a thankful heart.
  • God knows my needs before I ask.
  • God is with me and will deliver me. 
  • A heart at peace gives life.
  • I am God's creation and he does not reject his creation.
It's incredible to link up with other women who are reading the same passages of prayer. The encouragement from each other is amazing.  

While I have not determined my place, God has already determined it. I can rejoice in that!


  1. You are so right--He already knows our place. He's got us in His hands. It can be discouraging and scary to walk through those seasons of uncertainty, but He will take care of us.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. It's great to meet you too! I see you're a new mom too!!

  3. Well you made me cry again today! Still miss you tons!! Glad you are finding your place. I think of you guys often. And I think that maybe I need to start reading She reads truth. This was just what I needed today. Love you.

    1. Haha! Don't cry! I love She Reads Truth! You should check it out! We just read plans off of YouVersion all together. Then, On Fridays we can link up with others and see what God's doing. It's so cool-and great accountability! Miss you! Hugs!

  4. I love that we had similar key points in our journals! Love your post!

    ~ Rebecca

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It's so cool to see how God lays similar things on hearts!

  5. Rebecca, you are so right. He does know our needs before we speak them. I'm praying that He gives you a spirit of comfort in this time of change; and that He shows you what path to take to make much of Him.