Friday, October 19, 2012

Has it Really Been Three Months??

Life was absolutely crazy the last three months. I'm not sure why, or even how for that matter. I can tell you one thing that has been so true a reality for us in the last three months. God works in HIS timing. Not mine? How I wish God would work in MY timing.

We moved back to Ohio trusting that God would provide. We had three months saved up so Josh could find the job career he longed for-an engineering position. Josh had been trying to get into his field since we got married three years ago. As Josh started looking for his career in Ohio, it just wasn't unfolding the way we (or maybe me?) thought it would go. The plan was for me to stay at home with Paxton. With that three month deadline getting closer and closer I figured I should try for a job as well. So I decided to start teaching pre-k at a center. Then Josh was working at Wal*Mart again-blah. Really, I mean that.

So there we were. Neither one of us doing what we thought we were going to do. Josh was miserable in his job, and I was miserable in mine (which is a long story). It was tense in the house for some reason-we constantly were pushing was just weird. But we were doing what we had to do, at least that's what we thought.

About a month into this thing Josh started getting phone calls for an engineering position. Weird? That would put us at month four. He went to the interview and BAM! They offered him the job as an electronic engineer-month four. 

We decided that I could quit my job (there was no contract) and stay home with Pax. Josh would do his engineering thing and I would do my homemaking thing. It was amazing what happened and has been happening. We're both so much happier. I'm finding joy in cleaning the house-really? I've been finding my nitch so to speak.

I say all this because we had our timeline, but God had his. We said we can only do three months. God said I'm going to take you four. When we started to get uncomfortable, we did what we had thought we needed to do. It is so easy to "depend" on God when you're comfortable. But when the water starts getting deeper-we tend to take that control back. God knew all along the plan He had put out for us. We were just a little too thick headed. 

Can you relate? Or, are we just crazy? Because let's be honest sometimes I think we are :-)

You know I have to post an updated picture of Paxton! 


  1. Happy to be able to read a new blog post and see some new cute pics of Pax!
    No you guys are not crazy, it has been the same way for us. I am so happy that is is all working out for you.
    I have been so impatient and when I finally said OK God whenever and whatever you want. It has all started falling into place. Still miss you guys like crazy!

    1. I miss you!! I'm wishing we were doing MOPS together! I'm going to try to get better about blogging..once a week, maybe? God is crazy in how he works!