Baby Wearing

We are a baby wearing family! I like baby wearing for so many reasons!
 This is my ring sling wrap. It's really comfy and soft for Paxton. It also is really light and doesn't get too hot. I have had Paxton in it since a week after he was born. It allows me to keep Paxton close to me while leaving my hands free! I ordered it on Etsy. There are so many beautiful options to choose from!

Josh and I also use our Ergo a lot! This is the Performance Ergo. There is a hood that comes out of the top pocket we can cover him up with and is great for when I want to nurse Paxton on the go. Josh wears this one and loves it! There is nothing like a baby wearing dad. It allows Josh to bond with Paxton because it too keeps Paxton close to him.
 These are pictures from our hike. Paxton is 10 weeks old in this picture. His legs are not long enough to kick out the side yet. So we keep his legs "froggied".

So why do we love baby wearing? There are many reasons!
  • Paxton wants to be close and we have things to do.
  • People don't touch him as much as when he is in his car seat
  • Free hands
  • No awkward carrying
  • Daddy can bond with Paxton
  • Makes traveling in and out of places so much easier
  • It's almost guaranteed that Paxton will fall asleep
  • Makes nursing on the go easier

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