So I just started SheReadsTruth. It's really a basic idea that has really taken off. It takes advantage of You Version and the Bible Plans they have created. It's really simple! All you do is read the passage each day of the plan that SheReadsTruth is currently on.

You can follow their blog or twitter each day to see what is being read. It is so encouraging to be able to read the same passage of the Bible that so many other women are.

While Paxton is sleeping I drink my morning cup of joe and do my daily SheReadsTruth reading. I keep a journal and write how God speaks to me. When I'm finished, I get on twitter and instagram (whitneycollins7) and see how God is speaking to other women by using #shereadstruth.

It is so awesome to see how God speaks to other women and what they got out of the daily passage! You should join us!

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