Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tops Secret Recipe To Fool Your Friends

I have been struggling with something creative to bake for all of these Christmas events I have. Everyone bakes cookies, brownies, all know that.  However, I also wanted something that was rather easy to do too. So, I began searching online and through lots of cookbooks; nothing really grabbed my attention. Then I saw truffles! Clearly I did not want to spend that much time in the kitchen, so now what? I talked to my mom later that day on the phone (like always), and she told me this recipe that my Aunt makes. Before I can tell you the recipe you must agree to two things:

1. If I bring these treats somewhere and you are there, you must not comment on how easy they are :)
2. You must promise to try these at least once before you die. I promise they are that good!

Okay, here it is. First you need a couple supplies.
Yeah, that is it (besides what the cake mix calls for). 

So here is what you do. Go to your cabinet and pull out any cake mix you want. Be creative, do something to spice up your life!  Live a little! Bake the cake and let it cool. Now, crumble that cake into little pieces in a bowl. Now, go back to your cabinet and get one of those icing containers. You know,  the ones you get when you know you will be too lazy to make your own icing. Now, mix the icing into the crumbled cake. Mix it together really good. Don't like a gooey mess? Too bad! Get your hands dirty to make sure it is mixed really well. 
That is what it will look like. 

Now, your hands need to get really messy.  Make meatball sized cake-icing balls. I cheated and used a cookie dough scoop; you should too!
Yes, nice and round.

Put them on a tray and then they will go to the freezer for let's say an hour or longer.

Wow they change colors! Ha! Just kidding :) This is from another batch I made.

Now, melt that chocolate in a sauce pan or in the microwave if you want some extra waves going through your body. Add a little shortening to your chocolate (you'll just have to stay at the gym a little longer)  so it is not as thick. Stick a tooth pick in the cake-icing balls and dip into chocolate. Put them on wax paper. Decorate them however you want. 

Then put them back into the freezer for another hour or however long you want to. That's it! You will have the most moist "truffles" ever! What's the best part? Your friends will think you slaved in the kitchen for days!

Feeling motivated? Post your favorite holiday recipe!

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  1. That looks totally delicious and so creative!!! I'm definitely going to try this! :)