Friday, October 19, 2012

King Paxton

We took Paxton to the Sunburst beauty pageant. Don't judge us. Paxton is handsome and we know it. Really, it was just an excuse for us to put on a really cute outfit and show him off. 
So check him out!

 Waiting for his turn. He was a slobber box!
 All of us just waiting and having a good time.
He's getting excited, can't you tell?
Everywhere this little girl went Paxton would watch her. She was cute!

The show is about to go on!

 Paxton on stage struttin' his stuff.

 Best smile and best personality.
 They shall crown him king!

 Hey, look at all my new stuff guys!
Love our little family!
 My guys <3
Paxton's Auntie Taylor came home from college to see him!

His great grandparents!

 Four generations!
 "Hey Dad! That's mine!"

 Paxton's Granny!

 We're such proud parents!

It was an afternoon of fun. Paxton loved all the attention and we got some really cute pictures! We're so glad that some of our family got to join us!

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