Monday, November 8, 2010

Meat. Enough Said.

Okay, here it is! My first attempt at blogging. It is so over whelming to decide where to start. So, something everyone might be interested in--my journey back to eating meat! After not eating meat for close to three years, I am back in the meat world. This is no easy journey. After several weeks of an upset stomach, that nearly killed me, I overcame that battle. The next battle I had to deal with was cooking. Now, I love cooking. But, the meat--yuck! If the meat is not pre-cut, then it will not be cooked in my kitchen! Maybe, I can get over this too! 

So, the decision is this--to eat meat or not? The days I eat meat I can tell the difference it makes in my body. Fruits and veggies just make me feel so light and unweighted! But, when I eat meat I don't have to eat as much. Toxins are filled with meat, but then there is the natural and organic. I think, for now I will continue eating meat, for the sake of boredom after cooking only veggies for so long. Oh, those poor little chickens.


  1. Very nice...I look forward to following your blogs. Perhaps Mr. Turkey will recieve an invitation to your Thanksgiving Dinner? Love you

  2. I have to agree with you in the fact of fat, bones etc. if any of that is on my chicken Bryan has to deal with it, it honestly make me SICK!!!! great 1st post :) Kelda