Friday, May 20, 2011

Journey to Haiti: Day Six

Day six in Haiti? I can hardly believe it. The heat is hot and our sweat is heavy, but we all are doing wonderful.

 We did some traveling today. But first we went back to the tent orphanage. Yet again, this place broke my heart into more pieces than ever before. It rained last night. As I said before, I wondered what would happen to those children. When we walked into the tent orphanage, my heart ached. All over there were mud puddles. The children had no room to play because water and mud was every where. Then, I looked under the tents where they sleep. Remember, there are no beds. They only sleep on blankets. Water was all around and the blankets were wet. I was overwhelmed with heart ache. Those poor children out in the rain under torn tarps trying to sleep. Then they look around while the water gets deeper and deeper. I know this breaks God’s heart. Then we walked over to where they were all sitting. They were singing and praising God for the day that He had made. Those children who were sleeping on the ground while it was raining actually think they have something to sing about. How humbling that is for me. I have the whole world compared to them and I still complain. But here are these sweet innocent children just thankful for the life they still have. I hope this does a work in your heart too.

Water everywhere in the tent orphanage. 

 Water all over their play area.
 Singing with a smile on their face even though they have just slept in water.

Triplets. The one on the left spilled an oil lamp on her body.

After the orphanage, we drove out to an over look to where we could see all of Haiti. How beautiful it was. The hope of restoration flooded my mind. Haiti could thrive again if the right people were in place and were committed to the vision.  To think that by you reading my blog could empower you to make a difference in Haiti is humbling. I hope this makes your heart break and want to do something about the problem.

Overlooking Haiti.
Before we went back to the house we stopped at Chadasha’s Children’s Home. Josh and I got to see our babies. How incredible to know that they will be taken care of and loved while we work through the process.  I got to see four miracles happen this week. Children being brought from almost death because of dehydration and malnourishment. Then within a couple of days with some food and love being filled with life and laughter. How awesome God is! 


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