Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journey to Haiti: Day Five

Wow what a day! We had breakfast on the beach. It was nice to see what Haiti was before the earth quake and what it could become.

We stopped at some places today to do some miscellaneous things. We went out and cleaned up some property that is going to become a children’s orphanage resort. It is right on the beach. It is an absolute beautiful piece of property. I am can’t wait to see what it is going to become.

Today Josh and I decided that God is leading us to adopt the two twins. We are going to be raising money to help us. Here is the story of the twins.

The mother has two other children. She got pregnant right before the earth quake. Her husband was killed in the earth quake. She was left to raise four children. When people found her, she was almost dead because of depression. The twins also were almost dead because they were malnourished. When we got to the guest house, the mother and the twins were staying in the room across from me. As I said in me earlier post, we wanted the twins from the beginning. The adoption was pretty much set in stone from another couple. I told Greg, the main guy of the orphanage, if the adoption fell through we would take the twins. Three days later, yesterday, he came to me and told me I must have a good prayer life because the adoption fell through.  Now, Josh and I are trusting in the Lord that the finances will come because we know this is what God has for us. We have committed to adopt them. Please pray that the finances come in. We will be doing fundraising and other things. More to come on that.

As the trip comes to an end, please pray for our team. We are all very emotionally drained and our hearts have been broken. We know God is in this place. The question now becomes: what can we do for Haiti?

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