Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journey to Haiti: Day Three

At the orphanage, Doctor Steve did a medical clinic and I held babies. One of them peed on me! Any other time I may have flipped out, but it did not even phase me. This little girl, Wilmin (unsure of spelling), grew attached to me. Frankly, I did to her. She followed me everywhere and held my hand. I held her in my arms and she held back so tight. She told an older girl, Nada, that Wilmin said she was coming home with me. Up until this point, I had been good with holding back tears. This just completely broke my heart. I would have done anything to be able to bring her back with Josh and I. I am completely convinced that nothing is worth more that I have than those children having the things they need. What that looks like for Josh and I, I’m unsure of. But I do know that God has a special place in His heart for each and every one of these children.

We brought two children back with us. I held one all the way home. We put diapers on the babies. I’m pretty sure they’ve never had diapers.

On the way home a woman was begging for food. It turns out she had a baby with her. The baby was 22 days old. This was the smallest baby I’ve ever put my eyes on. The probably weighed four pounds, and that is being generous. The mom said she wanted to give her baby up for adoption. So, we went to this woman’s house. She said it wasn’t far. It took us a long time to get there. I’m not sure how long, maybe 40 minutes. She lived in downtown Port Au Prince. She lived in a one room shack. It was only maybe 5x8 feet. The woman decided that she was not going to give the baby back tonight, but in the morning. Then, it was mentioned by someone walking by that it was not even her baby. She had taken the baby to go and beg. If that is the case, trafficking is happening amongst the native people. That breaks my heart. Someone is going back tomorrow to pick the baby up and sign papers. It is uncertain if she will be there.

As you pray, please pray for our emotional conditions. It is a lot to take in. Children are in dire need. Although they know no better, we do. They go crazy for one life saver. What does that say about us? Also, pray for yourselves. What can you do? Pray for the continuing strength of our team. While everyone is feeling fine, we still have several days to go. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

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  1. Whitney, I love reading what your are writing. Please keep it coming. Our FCC ladies group prayed over you all this morning and we will continue to do so. Reading your FB comments made me think back to the 1st and only phone conversation we ever had! God has a great plan for you, your husband and any future children that he has for you :-) In Him, Shari Dickerson