Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journey to Haiti: Day Four

We traveled a ways today-two hours. We passed down a road through City Soliel. In 2004-2005, it was the most dangerous road in the world! Today we went to Real Hope for Haiti. This place takes in malnourished babies and children and gets them better. Then, they return the children to their homes. They have 70 children. There are a lot of children and not a lot of workers. Real Hope for Haiti is way out of town. It took us a while to get there.

 Babies that are malnourished

 Toddlers that are malnourished
 A ten year old boy weighing 35 pounds

We stopped at a mass grave site where over 150,000 bodies have been buried. We were told that 60 trucks a day were coming in for a month full of bodies. This broke my heart. They have no idea who is buried in there. They had no choice but to just dump the bodies in there. What devastation. How many people were left without families? How many are still wondering where their family is. How many children have been left without their parents wondering where they are? People to go on with life and never have closure to their lost loved ones. Although I know what death can do to close friends and relatives, I have no idea what the magnitude of the heartache Haiti felt and still feels today.
Mass Grave

Then, we went to the beach resort. There was a lot of trash in the ocean because of the flow of the water. However, it was very beautiful. We got to spend some time worshiping God on the ocean. It was amazing. It was such a great time. How awesome it was to worship God right on the ocean.
 Josh and Kessy playing pool

Not a whole lot happened today. It was nice to be able to talk to Josh about the things we have seen and the possibilities we have.

The set of twins Josh and I fell in love with the first day, are now free for adoption. The people who were adopting them have backed out. Josh and I are praying about the possibilities that God may have put in front of us.

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