Monday, June 6, 2011


Saturday was Taylor's graduation party. I can't believe she graduated! We went shopping Thursday, Friday, and picked up the cake and balloons Saturday morning. We decorated FOREVER on Friday! Then the festivities began on Saturday! We went to pick up the cake and that silly Mother of mine got me a cake too! Bless her heart she surprised me with a graduation cake too!

Surprise to me!
Taylor and her cake!

Then there were the decorations!

 Making the Taco meat!
 Tea that I learned how to make from Amanda at Fellowship Church!
 Taylor's Senior Pictures on the board.
 Taco bar!
 Cake table.
 Ladies hard at work cooking!
 Table of Scrapbooks and pictures.
 All her awards and the mailbox for all that money!
Bottles of water in here. Good thing some guy was selling it at Dad's auction so we could use it and then dad could sell it!

After over 100 people, we were tired and ready to go! But, we had to clean up. I guess it was all worth it! We all had a great time and it was good to see friends and family that I haven't got to see for over a year!

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  1. 1. taylor's hair flower is really cute!
    2. i like how you hung up her robe with the decoration.
    3. that tea looks yummy!