Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Reading.

By Sue Miller

It's a great book. Her ministry started from nothing. I mean nothing. They met in a movie theater where she had to clean up popcorn every Sunday Morning. So, far here are some things that have stuck out to me.

-When a leader lives out the vision in front of volunteers, they will serve with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.

-Ministry fills up volunteers who serve in the right places; they leave each Sunday feeling energized rather than exhausted.

-Serving teams in children's ministry might be the only place people will experience community.

-Never consider letting current circumstances dictate compromise or settling for ministry to be done "good enough."

-If done well, the best hour will impact the way they live the other 167 hours each week-and even change the rest of their lives.

-Ever volunteer needs to understand how their role fits in the big picture of the church, and believe that reaching lost kids and teaching all kids makes a difference.

-To see kingdom potential means believing ever child might someday serve Jesus: this increases the urgency of children's ministry

-How many families stop attending church because the struggle to get the kids to go isn't worth the effort?

-No matter how lost a person is, he still cares for his children. If a child wants to come back to church because he had a great time, they'll come back.

-The older a person gets. the less likely it is for him or her to start a relationship with Christ: urgency of children's ministry

-Get better every year, get better every Sunday. An unresponsive kids' ministry is on a path toward obsolescence and irrelevance. It will actually become less effective in reaching real kids.

-A clear mission-one that leads to clear-cut results-is the starting point for making any children's ministry the best hour of ever kid's week. When a mission is stated well, everyone in and around the ministry knows what they will collectively strive to accomplish. Get it right and ministry potential knows no limits.

-Children are more likely to exhibit a matter-of-fact faith in Jesus, than we adults who are skeptical of anything we can't experience with our five senses.

-Imagine a generation of kids growing up expecting God to save people through the local church.

-Our kids' faith should cause them to change from the inside out- not because of a bunch of rules but because they want to.

This is great stuff! I'm excited to keep reading!


  1. When I saw the tiny picture, I thought you were holding up a box of oatmeal.

  2. Thanks for the review of the book!
    I am a children's ministry co-ordinator and a church plant. I often wonder how I can build a stronger sense of community for my volunteers? I'm going to call my LCBS today to see if they have this book!
    Peace, Shaz