Monday, December 5, 2011

26 Weeks!!

I remember sitting on the couch with anticipation of the results of the pregnancy test I just took. Actually, it feels like yesterday. I remember throwing up so many times throughout the day that I thought it would never end and I would never make it through the pregnancy alive. It sounds extreme, I know. I remember looking at the calendar thinking this pregnancy is going to last forever! 

Now, I'm taken back. I'm looking at my calendar with a huge mix of emotions. Only three months to go? Where has the time gone? In fact, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and then I start my two week visits because I'll be in the last trimester-crazy. 

Here are some pictures of my baby bump so far :)

 Thanksgiving Dinner...yeah I ate a lot!

We just really can't wait to meet him!
Seeing how fast my pregnancy is going really makes me examine my time. It's easy to let time get by and not even realize it. Ecclesiastes talks about how there is a time for everything. A time to cry, a time to laugh, a time to speak, a time to make peace......a time for everything!
Proverbs 6:4 tells us not to procrastinate-there's no time to lose (MSG). There's no time to lose. 
Can it get any more direct than that?

If we're not careful with our time, it will slip by and we won't even know it. We'll look back and think, "where has the last year gone?" The next question is tough...."what have I done that really matters?" 

It's a hard question for me. I try to ask myself it on a regular basis so I never lose sight of it. So I want

to ask you...What have you done that really matters?

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