Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Christmas time is probably my favorite. It gives me an excuse to go crazy decorating the house. This year, we decorated with the traditional Christmas colors- lots of red, green, and gold. However, this year it had its challenges. 

We put together our prelit tree and plugged it in. I was so excited for the lights to come on....but only half of them did. Really? The lights on the tree were toast. So, we changed the connections around for what seemed like forever. They never came on. So I did what I had to do. I got out the scissors and cut off all the lights....yes it was unplugged :)  This took forever!!! NEVER will we EVER buy a prelit tree again!!! 

 No tree is complete without Kona and scrappy under it!

 The J and W are from my mom and the snowman is from Josh's mom.
This is the dog's tree. My sister, Taylor, got these dog ornaments and painted them to look like Kona and Scrappy. Spoiled dogs? Nah..

Paper Snow Flakes! 

 Garland and Christmas Banner.
 Yeah! It's Christmas Time!


  1. aww! beautiful! i love it all! especially the pups!

  2. Looks totally awesome You did a fine job...I love the picture of the babies under the tree. Hugs Mom