Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Operation Baby Room!

I have hit my third trimester! I can't believe it. In fact, I feel myself getting a little overwhelmed at times. It seems I have so much to do and I am quickly running out of time. Josh and I did our registries at Babies R Us and Target. Josh found the whole experience rather boring besides using the scanner gun. I guess that is how that goes. What is really funny is Josh thinks we only need a pack of diapers and 3 onesies....I repeat THREE onesies! Apparently he wants to do laundry more than once a day :) There are tons of things we don't know, but we'll figure them out...eventually!
26 1/2 Weeks

28 Weeks

As I realized how fast time was going I panicked and starting the "nesting" process. The problem is we use our extra room right now for my craft stuff and Josh's music stuff. This was a big project to get this room emptied and ready for baby! 
 The craft table is cleared...such a bittersweet moment! 
 Everything is getting packed up and moved around!
 Everything is almost gone!
Everything is gone and the room now has a wonderful glider from my mommy :) Can't wait to rock Paxton to sleep in it! 

We've ordered the crib. As soon as it gets here the decorating will begin! Who doesn't love an excuse to decorate a room? Especially because of a sweet baby!!

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  1. aaaah so exciting!!!!!
    you look awesome, by the way, you should just have tons and tons of babies because baby belly looks cute on you!
    i want one of those rockers. just for me, no baby. they're so comfy.
    love & miss you!