Monday, May 7, 2012

Going North

I've been in Georgia for five years. Granted, two of them I lived on campus at Toccoa Falls College.  Regardless, I've really fell in love with this place. Here's a list of the things Josh and I love about Georgia.

  • The weather...that's a no brainer
  • Friends who have become our family
  • Fellowship Church  Duh! We love this place and the people there!
  •  The waterfall on Toccoa Falls College Campus
  •  Hunting coyotes...obviously that is from Josh

  • The trails we can hike

  • Broken Bridges...we've watched the sun set here many times
  • Mt. can see forever! Here's a picture I took of my sister at the top

  • The curvy roads
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Sweet tea and grits
  • How everyone you pass on the road waves or strikes up a conversation
  • Mountains with the sunset behind them

    We could go on and on. We love this place. But, the time has gone to move on. It's a bittersweet kinda thing. A whole lot of bitter. We have to say bye to our friends that have welcomed us into their family with open arms. We have to say good bye to the friends lives that have been changed. We have to  say bye to the people that we have impacted and that have impacted us.

    But, it's sweet too. We're going back to family who we left years ago to live in the peachy state...AND we're taking back Paxton, our new addition. We are walking into a whole new mission field that we get to begin to tend.

    We're going north. It's a whole lot of bitter and a whole lot of sweet.

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