Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

You know how people are. Friday the 13th is always a "crazy" day. You know the kind of crazy I mean. For our little family we had a fabulous day!

Our day was wonderful for several reasons. First of all we got to celebrate Paxton turning two months! I cannot believe how fast time is going. Our sweet baby is growing so fast.  In the last month he has changed so much! It is incredible how much a baby can develop in just a few short weeks. Paxton stays awake a lot more now and he is a lot more responsive. He lays under his mobile and follows the owls in the circle. He will hold on to his sassy links and shake them around. He coos and smiles so much. He is holding his head up and really getting pretty good control of his head.  He is just a sweet baby.

 He's so sweet. Just love his little grins!

After we took these sweet pictures we ventured to see Josh's family that lives in Gainesville. They really enjoyed seeing Paxton. They couldn't believe how chunky he is. They loved seeing him and all the smiles.

Look at all those smiles!! 

We had a great Friday the 13th. Did you?


  1. cute smile in the second picture. :) glad you guys had a fun "freaky friday" -- ours was pretty uneventful.. in a good way. :)

  2. Did you see his photo prop you made?? :)