Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Friday we went up to Oregon so Josh could speak at a Relay for Life and we could watch Josh's brother, Aaron, play music. It was pretty hot! We got to meet a lot of people who are involved with cancer. Josh's speech was incredible. He encouraged so many people while making them cry. Josh really doesn't like to talk about cancer all that much. But, if he is able to help or encourage people then he loves to share his story. I often tell Josh that I wish I could have been there by his side while he was battling cancer, but then on the other hand I'm thankful I wasn't.  It's really a loaded statement. I know that I could better understand Josh if I was by his side, but I'm not sure if I could have handled to see him in so much pain. 
Josh Speaking
Josh, Paxton, and I walked a lap around with the rest of the cancer survivors and their families. It was awesome to meet people that were not willing to give up. Walking around the whole night made me very thankful for my Ergo!!

After Relay for Life, we went to the boat with Josh's parents. We took Paxton on his first boat ride. He hated, I mean HATED his life jacket. But, wouldn't you?? 

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