Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Little Feet

Paxton is absolutely fascinated with his hands. Ever since he was just a week old he would always being them to his face, hold on to the other one, and just move them around. Of course now he just wants to suck on them....especially his little cute thumb.

Today not only did he pay attention to his hands, but he found his feet. He keeps rubbing them together, pushing them on things, and kicking his legs all over. I think they may be. Little ticklish.

He doesn't hold his feet still for very long. I think he's figuring out that of he slams his feet on the ground it will make noise. It's incredible to watch a baby develop right before your eyes.

I am completely blown away at God's greatness. The complexity of a human being, in my opinion, can only point to God. Medically Paxton should not be here. Our amazing God obviously had other plans. What a great God we serve!

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