Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Happy Day

Today Paxton has been extra happy. He's a really happy baby, especially in the morning. Usually in the mornings I read Paxton a book in the rocking chair in his room. Then I put him in his swing and he loves it! This morning he was talking up a storm! 

While he is in his swing I do an assortment of things. If he gets up earlier than usual I complete my SheReadsTruth for the day. If he gets up around 8, like usual, I've already done that. So, I move to my domesticated things. I refer to my Home Management Binder for all of that. I love meal planning, but that's beside the point :)

So this morning this happy baby was irresistible.

Ok, now watch this series of events. It rocked my world and totally caught me off guard!

 He's sitting up by himself!!

Granted, it only lasted about a minute. But, he just did it himself!! I had him tripod sitting and then he pushed himself up!! Where has my baby gone?? I can't believe he will be five months on Friday!


  1. wow!! go paxton!! :) before you know it, he'll be into EVERYTHING! but he's so cute!