Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Josh's First Father's Day

So if you haven't figured out by now we're incredibly proud and thankful parents. Paxton is such a blessing to us. There are days we still cannot believe we have a biological child. God is incredible!!

Windy Day!!

How cute is he?
First we went to church. We tried out a new church because we are church shopping. We really enjoyed the church. That is for another day :-)

Then we went to a huge cookout with Josh's family and all the fathers. It was fun. Josh and I got to drive a golf cart around. By drive, I mean stunt driving! Donuts, sharp turns, and lots of screams...It was a blast! We also ate some great food! Josh is a great dad because he has a great dad. I'm thankful Paxton comes from a great line of men!!

I'm a thankful mom. Josh is an incredible dad. He longs to see Paxton when he's away from him. He talks, loves on, kisses, and so much more on Paxton. He even changes cloth diapers :-)

I'm a thankful mom.

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