Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Each Easter I reminded of God's faithfulness; death was conquered and cannot have a hold on me. God's faithfulness in my life sometimes gets overlooked. I'm guilty of not being thankful for his faithfulness. Maybe it's just me, but I often get caught up in life and don't give God the credit where he deserves it. 

As Easter approached this year I became extra grateful. This year, not only am I thankful for my salvation, but for many other things. I'm reminded that death could not hold my savior down and that he is the risen king.

As I was spending time with my 1st-5th grade kids on Easter Sunday I got to see them in real, authentic worship. Hearing the kids sing, "You are the way the truth the life, we'll live by faith and not by sight, we're living all for you," brought me to this sweet place. Seeing kids worship our creator without holding back is something that words cannot describe. To see their faces as the story of Easter was told...it was incredible. I'm thankful I got to see God's faithfulness in his children.

This year was also Paxton's first Easter. Paxton is God's faithfulness. With Paxton also comes God's faithfulness in Josh's life. Without Josh there would be no Paxton. I'm so thankful that God brought Josh through his cancer so that we could share life and this family together. I'm overwhelmed with God's display of faithfulness in our lives this year. God gave Josh life when he was on his death bed. God gave us this child when all the doctors said it wouldn't happen. God is faithful.

As I'm writing this, tears of thankfulness and joy are flooding my cheeks. What an amazing God I serve! God is a faithful God! What a reason to celebrate! 

This is my favorite picture of Easter! 
We went on a walk after lunch. What a beautiful day it was! 

Do you have a story of God's faithfulness? I'd love to hear it and celebrate with you! You can e-mail me (wwcollins@me.com) or post a comment on here!

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