Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's not an unknown fact that a family has to go to the grocery store. In fact,
most people go without giving it much thought because it's such a normal routine. That was me. Yes, was. Now it's more than just a buzz in and out thing. I have Paxton! He's just as sweet as can be and of course be draws all the attention....especially from the touchy kind.

Today we ventured to the store.... Just Paxton and I. So I put Paxton in the moby and off we went.

Why the moby? I really dislike taking Paxton places in the carseat. The car seat gets hot, he's strapped in, and not close to me. The biggest reason? People will touch him! People I don't even know! The moby keeps him close to me and no one tries to touch him!

So we get almost done and he starts crying! I'm not going to lie... Panic set in. I did not want everyone looking at us, you know how people are. I also knew he was hungry!!

So I went on over to subway and fed him. Big deal? Yes! This was the first time I nursed Paxton in public. After he was fine we went on our way.

We finished up shopping and checked out.

It's definitely not as easy to just buzz into the store now. We're making our own routine and doing what we need to do. Things are just done differently now. More time is needed but it doesn't matter when I have this sweet baby looking at me.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Even the simplest of errands requires lot of planning to make sure you have everything you might need while you're out and to make sure they've eat and had a nap recently to avoid a meltdown. But that just comes with the territory and is a small price to pay for the sweet miracle we now get to have in our life every day :)

    I loved the Moby as well. I never wore it out but I should have. Strangers LOVE to touch babies so I'm sure they don't feel as welcome to do so when they're attached to you, lol. Not to mention the car seat is incredibly heavy. We are quickly approaching the point where I won't be able to carry my 17lb son in the carrier. I think he'll be sitting on his own soon though so it will be nice when I can put him in the shopping cart with the cart cover!

  2. Since your son is getting bigger you should try the Ergo baby carrier! Thanks for your comment! :) Stop back again!