Monday, April 2, 2012

Paxton's Pictures

Since Paxton surprised us by being a month early, I had to figure out how to get his newborn pictures done at an earlier date than anticipated. Farrah got me scheduled in and did an amazing job with his pictures. Farrah Nicole Photography is absolutely amazing! You should check her out! 

Meet Paxton. He's handsome! Look at that face! 

Look at him on that little bed! And that adorable smile! 

 Pucker up! Look at those lips!
He's just precious! 
 Perfect picture for his room since it's in owls.
 Daddy's tie.
Gosh he is so adorable!

Didn't she do just a fantastic job! He did so good with his pictures and they turned out incredible!! Thanks Farrah!!


  1. cute blocks -- did i get you those?
    love, love, love the pictures! he's so adorable.